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De-Mystifying Multi-Methodology in Complex Designs

Beyond Likert-Scale Survey Analysis: Using Open-Comments in Surveys to Depict Survey Users’ Context through Interpretation
Pamela J Theroux, Megan Tones
Policy as seen through People—the Consumers in Healthcare Structures, Systems, Schemes: Multi-Methods or Annoying Practice?
Pamela J Theroux
Incorporating Mixed Methods Research Design into the Index for Inclusion Framework
Megan Jane Tones

Social Research Using Digital Trace Data

A mask tells us more than a face: Self-disclosure and network formation in an online community
Kyosuke Tanaka

Social network research: Research designs and methods

Online recruitment: Poisoned chalice or light at the end of the recruitment tunnel?
Carmel M Taddeo, Daly L Daly, Barbara A Spears

Studying Hard to Locate Populations

Investigating the Open Source Community
Lara Michele Thynne

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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