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Aggregate Data for Multivariate Modeling

Comparing IRT, CFA, and LCA for Assessing the Social Composition of School Classes Full paper PDF
Dominik Becker, Kerstin Drossel, Jasmin Schwanenberg, Nadja Pfuhl, Heike Wendt

Sequence Analysis for Social Science Data

Sequence analysis of job entry histories
Ralf Dorau, Jörg Blasius

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

Combining multiple evaluation methods – Findings from a meta analysis
Michelle Joanna Gray, Debbie Collins, Meera Balarajan, Joanna D'Ardenne

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Assessing Panel Survey Representativeness using Gold-Standard Data
Narayan Sastry, Denise Duffy
Effects on panel mortality in telephone surveys
Christine E. Meltzer, Ilka Lolies, Gregor Daschmann

Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Socio-informatics methods for the studies of public controversies
Francis Chateauraynaud, Josquin Debaz

Handling Complex Societal Systems: a Methodological Challenge

Order from chaos in human communication
Cor van Dijkum

Social Simulation and Modelling for Public Policy

Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Long-term health and social care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Primary health care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Using dynamic microsimulation to inform policy: Effects in childhood
Roy Lay-Yee, Barry Milne, Janet Pearson, Jessica Thomas, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis

The Practicalities of a Qualitative Research Project

How analyzing dispersion?
Caroline Datchary

Research Methodology for New Digital Communication Technologies

Using Second Life to Conduct Cognitive Interviews
Elizabeth Dean, Frederick G Conrad, Brian Head

Social Network Analysis - General

Network Project Management: Visualising Collective Knowledge to Better Understand and Model a Project Portfolio
Graham Alan Durant-Law
Tie non-response in social networks: Treatments of tie non-response and blockmodeling outcomes
Anuska Ferligoj, Anja Znidarsic, Patrick Doreian

Developing Rigorous and Ethical Visual Research Methodologies

A process of interpretive engagement for analysing visual images
Marilys Guillemin, Sarah Drew

Studying Food Choices

UK longitudinal data on food choices: examining the impact of life events
Sally McManus, Julia Hall, Jo d'Ardenne, Caireen Roberts, Matt Barnes

The Use of Secondary Data for Teaching Research Methods

Leading the horses to water and helping them drink: upskilling arts students in quantitative methods
Martin von Randow, Gerard Anthony Cotterell, Peter Byard Davis

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

A screening or overlapping dual frame approach for telephone surveys in Europe
Femke De Keulenaer, Ahu Alanya

Developments in Time Diary Collection, Archiving and Analysis

The Time of Their Lives - Collecting time use data from children in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC).
Joanne Corey, Jennifer Ann Gallagher, Elisabeth Davis

Improving Survey Quality: General

Measuring early life trauma among marginalised populations
Elizabeth Conroy, Louisa Degenhardt, Fiona Shand

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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