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Cluster Analysis

Two models of social stratification: from a classification scheme to a typology.
Sandra Fachelli, Pedro Lopez-Roldán
An application of statistical learning to characterisation of 44 international healthcare accreditation organisations
Max Moldovan, Charles Shaw, Wendy Nicklin, Ileana Grgic, Triona Fortune, Stuart Whittaker, Nicholas Nechval, Marjorie Pawsey, David Greenfield, Reece Hinchcliff, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Sequence Analysis for Social Science Data

A Permutation Test for Group Comparisons of Social Science Sequences
Tim Liao, Anette Fasang

Benchmarks, Standards and Guidelines: Current Best Practice

Quality Assurance in Survey Research by Self-regulation - The German Model Full paper DOCX
Frank Faulbaum, Erich Wiegand

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

A new look at mode effects: a look through an eye-tracker
Olena Kaminska, Thomas W Foulsham

Measuring Concepts for Social Bookkeeping Data

Indicators of university effectiveness based on graduates’ interviews
Luigi Fabbris

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Reappraising the concept of lifetime prevalence in victimisation studies
Brian Francis

Handling Complex Societal Systems: a Methodological Challenge

An agent-based approach to modeling the impact of policy scenarios on the energy demand of residential and commercial buildings in Australian cities
Kwok Keung Yum, Greg Foliente, Seongwon Seo

The Practicalities of a Qualitative Research Project

How different interview methods could help to deepen the understanding of the situation for Colombian refugee children.
Anders Fjallhed

Social Media Network Analysis

From transaction to meaning: Internet-mediated communication as an object of modelling Full paper DOC
Lucy Resnyansky, Lucia Falzon

Social Network Analysis - General

Tie non-response in social networks: Treatments of tie non-response and blockmodeling outcomes
Anuska Ferligoj, Anja Znidarsic, Patrick Doreian

Spatial Methods

Mapping Aboriginal lifestyles: adding vertical and lateral dimensions to urban social space
Robert James Funnell

Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Modern Age

Using the Community Capitals Framework to Integrate Tradition Indigenous Knowledge into Local Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change
Edith Fernandez-Baca, Mary Emery, Isabel Gutierrez-Montes, Meredith Redlin

Studying Food Choices

Cross-country questionnaire design for a hot topic
Hazel Fowler
Anthropologically speaking: Shifting from food choice to food and eating as social practices- Implications for researchers and research
Lisa Schubert, Wendy Foley
Mental models of food recalls
Gulbanu Kaptan, Baruch Fischhoff

Developments in Time Diary Collection, Archiving and Analysis

Daily dynamics in gay and lesbian couples in Spain and the USA
Kimberly Fisher, Yiu-Tung Suen
Complimentary or contradictory: an examination of the interplay of environmental regulations and policies promoting gender equality in the United States using time diaries surveys
Roujman Shahbazian, Kimberly Fisher, Mohammad Sepahvand

New technology and social research

Narratives Mediated by Gadgets: Ethical and Methodological Implications
Kimberly Fisher

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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