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How Can We Achieve Cross-cultural Equivalence in Basic Assumptions?

Postmaterialism and Environmental concern in international comparison
Henning Best, Jochen Mayerl

Cluster Analysis

An application of statistical learning to characterisation of 44 international healthcare accreditation organisations
Max Moldovan, Charles Shaw, Wendy Nicklin, Ileana Grgic, Triona Fortune, Stuart Whittaker, Nicholas Nechval, Marjorie Pawsey, David Greenfield, Reece Hinchcliff, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite
Studying value heterogenity in Europe by means of multi-group latent class analysis
Vladimir Magun, Maksim Rudnev

Data Linking Methodology

Linking national population-based surveys to the United States’ National Death Index
Donna Miller

Data Quality in Survey-administrative Linked Data

Reasons for differences in reliability of process-produced data - The case of educational achievement
Thomas Kruppe, Britta Matthes, Stefanie Unger

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

Detecting conditions of high versus low validity and reliability using unobtrusive measures in surveys.
Jochen Mayerl, Piet Sellke

Conversational and Cognitive Issues in Flexible Interviewing Procedures

Preloads as a stimulus in a life course panel survey
Britta Matthes, Michael Ruland, Annette Trahms

Measuring Concepts for Social Bookkeeping Data

Ensuring reliability of information in process-produced data - The case of educational attainment
Thomas Kruppe, Britta Matthes, Stefanie Unger
Creating the initial vocational qualification from the German microcensus Full paper PDF
Tobias Maier, Robert Helmrich

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Effects on panel mortality in telephone surveys
Christine E. Meltzer, Ilka Lolies, Gregor Daschmann
Projecting probable missing hepatitis C reinfection data given a set of observations and intervals between study visits
Rachel Sacks-Davis, Emma McBryde, Jason Grebely, Margaret Hellard, Peter Vickerman
The Cologne High School Panel (CHiSP): Selectivity and Panel Attrition after 40 Years
Klaus Birkelbach, Heiner Meulemann

Social Simulation and Modelling for Public Policy

Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Long-term health and social care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Primary health care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Using dynamic microsimulation to inform policy: Effects in childhood
Roy Lay-Yee, Barry Milne, Janet Pearson, Jessica Thomas, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Developing a policy simulation model through engagement with policy end-users.
Barry Milne, Roy Lay-Yee, Oliver Mannion, Jessica Thomas, Janet Pearson
QUBE-project: simulating effects of political and social measures on Germany's educational system and labour market
Robert Helmrich, Tobias Maier

New Ethnographies of Crime and Justice

An Ethnographic Study of Homeless Women in Brisbane: Fieldwork Experience
Helena Menih
Youth Gangs, health and wellbing in northern Australia: an ethnographic study Full paper DOC
Kate Senior, Rachael McMahon

Qualitative Longitudinal Research

Job insecurity in the life course: labor trajectories in three cohorts of analysis in Latin America
Fiorella Mancini

The Practicalities of a Qualitative Research Project

The 'Magic Pen': Using digitised pen and paper to collect, analyse and link audio and written data
Lisa Gibbs, Colin MacDougall, Karen Block

Developing Rigorous and Ethical Visual Research Methodologies

Re-visioning qualitative research methods to illuminate young lives.
Rosemary Mann, Deborah Warr
Engaging children and refugee youth in research by eliciting ‘alternative literacies’
Karen Block, Bjorn Nansen, Lisa Gibbs, Colin MacDougall
Reflexive participation in video research: rethinking rigor and ethics in the field
Su-yin Hor, Elizabeth Manias, Rick Iedema

Spatial Methods

Mixing Methods of Building Design, Urban Design, Social Management and Technology Application. The case of analysing urban patterns to upgrade derelict areas in central São Paulo with public housing production.
Maria Lucia Refinetti Martins

Tracing the City. Methods of Analysing Urban Structures and Transformations

When the street space changes – measuring the power of small business actors to capture and transform the mobility value of a street space
Claudine Jane Moutou, Stephen P Greaves

Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Modern Age

Contributions of indignous researchers to quality in research
Donna M Mertens
Storytelling as transformative praxis: Is it enough to transform the world?
Hazel Phillips, Moana Mitchell

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

The importance of leadership and mutual understanding for effective health services research collaboration
Reece Amr Hinchcliff, David Greenfield, Johanna Westbrook, Marjorie Pawsey, Max Moldovan, Virginia Mumford, Jeffrey Braithwaite
Collaboration in a participatory study model: social research through project a evaluation process.
Lia Kalinnikova, Magnus - Magnusson

Studying Food Choices

Developing an intuitive test of food hazard perceptions
Caroline Millman, Dan Rigby, David Jones
Asking children about their food purchasing behaviour: Lessons for survey design
Wendy Wills, Jennie Macdiarmid, Lindsey Masson, Catherine Bromley, Leone Craig, Geraldine McNeill
Consumers, Citizens and Food Choices - using stakeholder dialogue to inform investment and policy decisions for future food technologies
Virginia Baker, Karen Cronin, Gerald Midgley
Systematic theoretical and methodological limitations of the literature on communication strategies to influence food choice behaviour
Phil Mohr, Nadia Corsini, Donna Hughes, Belinda Wyla
UK longitudinal data on food choices: examining the impact of life events
Sally McManus, Julia Hall, Jo d'Ardenne, Caireen Roberts, Matt Barnes

The Use of Secondary Data for Teaching Research Methods

Using secondary data to teach quantitative methods to undergraduate and masters students
John MacInnes

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

To Screen or Not to Screen: Cell Phone Only vs Take All Design for RDD Landline/Cell Surveys
Martin Barron, Jenny Kelly, Michele Koppelman, Robert Montgomery

Developments in Time Diary Collection, Archiving and Analysis

Time after time: new adventures in longitudinal time-use data
Killian Mullan
Florian Znaniecki’s Memoir Method in Social Scientific Research Full paper DOCX
Vegneskumar Maniam


A Critique of the Logical Foundations of Experimentalism in the Social Sciences
Ali Mesbah

Data Analysis Issues

New Perspectives on Data Analysis from Resampling Methods Using R
John Hilary Maindonald

New technology and social research

The Use of Facebook as a Locating and Contacting Tool
Tricia McCarthy

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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