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The Role of Structured Metadata in Cross-national Surveys

The International Standard for Coding of Education (ISCED) and DDI Lifecycle
Hilde Orten, Joachim Wackerow

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Especially for You: Motivating Respondents in an Internet Panel by Offering Tailored Questions
Marije Oudejans

Conversational and Cognitive Issues in Flexible Interviewing Procedures

Verbal and non-verbal paradata of income questions: indicators for response quality and question comprehension of respondents
Marieke Haan, Yfke Ongena

Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Developing and validating a cross-national cumulative scale measuring attitudes toward illegal immigrants
Kees van der Veer, Laurens Higler, Susan Woelders, Reidar Ommundsen, Regina Pernice

Qualitative Research and Online Media

Qualitative research in a digital age
John Owen

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

Integrating research findings into health service planning and improvement activity
Tony O'Connor

Institutional Demands, Public Expectations and the Research Process

Current practices in reporting limits and biases in scholarly literature: An exploratory content analysis of four disciplinary political science journals
Pierre-Olivier B├ędard, Mathieu Ouimet

New technology and social research

Accelerating insight into food safety practices
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Cassim Ladha, Jurgen Wagner, Bin Gao, Karim Ladha, Dan Jackson, Patrick Olivier, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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