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How Can We Achieve Cross-cultural Equivalence in Basic Assumptions?

Bifurcations of humanitarian scientific theories: historical and actual analysis
Stepan Stepanovich Sulakshin

Assessing Equivalence of Survey Questions

Cross-national and crosscultural comparisons of students' readiness and expectations
Ellen Jansen, Stéfanie André, Cor Suhre

Survey Non-response in Comparative Perspective

Developments from the International Workshop on Survey Nonresponse
Tom W Smith

The Role of Structured Metadata in Cross-national Surveys

Web-based Documentation of Longitudinal Studies
Marcel Hebing, Jan Goebel, Jürgen Schupp

Aggregate Data for Multivariate Modeling

Comparing IRT, CFA, and LCA for Assessing the Social Composition of School Classes Full paper PDF
Dominik Becker, Kerstin Drossel, Jasmin Schwanenberg, Nadja Pfuhl, Heike Wendt

Cluster Analysis

An application of statistical learning to characterisation of 44 international healthcare accreditation organisations
Max Moldovan, Charles Shaw, Wendy Nicklin, Ileana Grgic, Triona Fortune, Stuart Whittaker, Nicholas Nechval, Marjorie Pawsey, David Greenfield, Reece Hinchcliff, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Data Integration and Analysis

Combining Data from Complex Surveys to Compensate for Limitations in Targeted Surveys of Rare Groups: A Study of the Jewish Population in the United States
Elizabeth Tighe, Leonard Saxe

Data Linking Methodology

Investigations towards implementing the EM algorithm to estimate model parameters for data linking projects at the Australian Bureau of Statistics
Carrie Samuels
What's in a name? String Comparators in Probabilistic Data Linking
Paul David Campbell, Gokay Saher, Noel Hansen, Peter Rossiter

Data Quality in Survey-administrative Linked Data

DDI-based metadata documentation for administrative and survey data
Marcel Hebing, David Schiller

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

Detecting conditions of high versus low validity and reliability using unobtrusive measures in surveys.
Jochen Mayerl, Piet Sellke

Measuring Survey Quality in Cross-National Surveys

Cognitive Skills and Response Quality among the Elderly
Miriam Schütte, Jörg Blasius

Survey Nonresponse - Problems and Circumventions, Dodges, and Novel Attempts

Investigating the Potential of Willingness Ratings for Addressing Nonresponse
Jennifer Sinibaldi, Stephanie Eckman

Measuring Concepts for Social Bookkeeping Data

Changes in process-generated data: The importance of documentation
Andreas Helmut Schneider

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Assessing Panel Survey Representativeness using Gold-Standard Data
Narayan Sastry, Denise Duffy
Dealing with model mis-specification in the analysis of longitudinal observational data.
Said Shahtahmasebi
Projecting probable missing hepatitis C reinfection data given a set of observations and intervals between study visits
Rachel Sacks-Davis
Projecting probable missing hepatitis C reinfection data given a set of observations and intervals between study visits
Rachel Sacks-Davis, Emma McBryde, Jason Grebely, Margaret Hellard, Peter Vickerman

Integrating Content Analysis with Survey Data: Opportunities and Issues in Political Communication Data Analysis

Integrating Media Content Data with Polish National Election Surveys
Hubert Tworzecki, Holli A. Semetko

Handling Complex Societal Systems: a Methodological Challenge

An agent-based approach to modeling the impact of policy scenarios on the energy demand of residential and commercial buildings in Australian cities
Kwok Keung Yum, Greg Foliente, Seongwon Seo
Different Worlds: A Status Group Point of View Approach to Studying Assessments of Social Environments: The Case of Organizational Climate.
Miles Edward Simpson

New Ethnographies of Crime and Justice

Youth Gangs, health and wellbing in northern Australia: an ethnographic study Full paper DOC
Kate Senior, Rachael McMahon

The Practicalities of a Qualitative Research Project

Extending the Scope of Qualitative Data by Matching Different Datasets
Tobias Schmies, Jörg Blasius

Methodological Challenges in Web-based Data Collection

Methods for eliminating skip statements from questionnaire logic
Samuel Canvanough Spencer

Research Methodology for New Digital Communication Technologies

Exploring Computational Methodologies for Peoples' Behaviors at Disaster: Analyses on Interconnections of People at the Tohoku Quake in Japan Full paper PDF
Kazuhiko Shibuya

Applied Social Network Analysis

Disentangling Ethnic and Social Capital Mechanisms for Immigrants’ Integration: New Chances through NEPS data
Benjamin Schulz

Studying Food Choices

Using Virtual Reality to measure consumer food purchasing behaviour
Wilma Waterlander, Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Ingrid Steenhuis
Assessing adolescent food choice: time for a rethink?
Michelle Share, Barbara Stewart-Knox
Facilitating behaviour change: Identifying levers of change in food handling practice in the home.
David Spicer
Anthropologically speaking: Shifting from food choice to food and eating as social practices- Implications for researchers and research
Lisa Schubert, Wendy Foley

Best Practices in Teaching Qualitative Research

Teaching NVivo to a large cohort of undergraduate students
Lynne Roberts, Lauren Breen, Maxine Symes

Developments in Time Diary Collection, Archiving and Analysis

Daily dynamics in gay and lesbian couples in Spain and the USA
Kimberly Fisher, Yiu-Tung Suen
Complimentary or contradictory: an examination of the interplay of environmental regulations and policies promoting gender equality in the United States using time diaries surveys
Roujman Shahbazian, Kimberly Fisher, Mohammad Sepahvand

Improving Survey Quality: General

Techniques to measure sensitive information
Sebastian Sattler, Peter Graeff
Measuring early life trauma among marginalised populations
Elizabeth Conroy, Louisa Degenhardt, Fiona Shand

New technology and social research

Getting Respondents’ Attention in the Digital Age Full paper PDF
Kymn M Kochanek, Lauren Seward

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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