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Survey Non-response in Comparative Perspective

Within-Unit Respondent Selection Errors in Landline RDD Surveys
Paul John Lavrakas, Trevor N Tompson

Cluster Analysis

Cluster and Network Analysis Techniques in a Multi-Stage Methodology for Business Research
Emanuela Todeva, David Knoke, Donka Keskinova

Sequence Analysis for Social Science Data

A mediator model for exploring the relationship between trust and corruption.
Peter Graeff, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

Data Integration and Analysis

Combining Data from Complex Surveys to Compensate for Limitations in Targeted Surveys of Rare Groups: A Study of the Jewish Population in the United States
Elizabeth Tighe, Leonard Saxe

Survey Nonresponse - Problems and Circumventions, Dodges, and Novel Attempts

Taking nothing seriously. An investigation of organizational survey nonresponse.
Karsten Boye Rasmussen, Heiko Thimm

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Cumulative effects of dependent interviewing on measurement error: results from a four-wave validation study
Annette Jaeckle, Johannes Eggs, Mark Trappmann

Conversational and Cognitive Issues in Flexible Interviewing Procedures

Preloads as a stimulus in a life course panel survey
Britta Matthes, Michael Ruland, Annette Trahms

Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Mixing Surveys and Focused Ethnography within a Social Experiment: the Case of Construction of Space
Cornelia Thierbach, Nina Baur

Integrating Content Analysis with Survey Data: Opportunities and Issues in Political Communication Data Analysis

Integrating Media Content Data with Polish National Election Surveys
Hubert Tworzecki, Holli A. Semetko

Social Simulation and Modelling for Public Policy

Using dynamic microsimulation to inform policy: Effects in childhood
Roy Lay-Yee, Barry Milne, Janet Pearson, Jessica Thomas, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Developing a policy simulation model through engagement with policy end-users.
Barry Milne, Roy Lay-Yee, Oliver Mannion, Jessica Thomas, Janet Pearson

New Ethnographies of Crime and Justice

Using ethnographic methods to strengthen quantitative data: Explaining juvenile detention rates in three Australian states Full paper DOC
Max Travers

Methodological Challenges in Web-based Data Collection

Online Questionnaires: Development of ‘basic requirements’
Simone Tries, Karen Blanke

Social Media Network Analysis

Online advocacy networks, issue mobilisations and the Coal Seam Gas controversy
Asha Titus, Declan Kuch

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

Themes, Challenges and Opportunities in Collaborative Research
Carole Truman
A Research Design for Interdisciplinary Research. The Case of Collaboration between Sociology and Geodesy
Cornelia Thierbach, Alexandra Lorenz, Nina Baur

Studying Food Choices

Food purchasing: where, when and with whom
Lukar Thornton

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

Propensity Model for Weighting Dual Frame Telephone Samples
Robert Benford, Trevor Tompson, Julian Baim, John Lien, Lancey Heyman

Improving Survey Quality: General

Assessing the Quality of Survey Data and the Dirty Data Index
Jörg Blasius, Victor Thiessen

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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