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Measuring Demographic and Socioeconomic Variables in Cross-national Perspective

Data coding and harmonization: How DataCoH and Charmstats are transforming social science data
Kristi Winters

The Role of Structured Metadata in Cross-national Surveys

The International Standard for Coding of Education (ISCED) and DDI Lifecycle
Hilde Orten, Joachim Wackerow

Aggregate Data for Multivariate Modeling

Comparing IRT, CFA, and LCA for Assessing the Social Composition of School Classes Full paper PDF
Dominik Becker, Kerstin Drossel, Jasmin Schwanenberg, Nadja Pfuhl, Heike Wendt

Cluster Analysis

An application of statistical learning to characterisation of 44 international healthcare accreditation organisations
Max Moldovan, Charles Shaw, Wendy Nicklin, Ileana Grgic, Triona Fortune, Stuart Whittaker, Nicholas Nechval, Marjorie Pawsey, David Greenfield, Reece Hinchcliff, Virginia Mumford, Johanna Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Managing Research Data

Enhancing data sharing via "safe designs"
Kristine Witkowski
Finding a Needle in a Haystack: The Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Assessing Disclosure Risk for Contextualized Microdata
Kristine Witkowski

Benchmarks, Standards and Guidelines: Current Best Practice

Quality Assurance in Survey Research by Self-regulation - The German Model Full paper DOCX
Frank Faulbaum, Erich Wiegand

Measuring Survey Quality in Cross-National Surveys

Assessing Methods for Correcting Response Bias in Self-Reported BMI Data in Australian National Health Surveys
Tim Ayre, Jason Wong
Evaluation of Multiple Imputation as an Alternative to Propensity Score Weighting in Detecting Unit Nonresponse Bias
Ahu Alanya, Christof Wolf

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Measuring Employment: Exploring bias in inequality research
SC Noah Uhrig, Nicole Watson

Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Developing and validating a cross-national cumulative scale measuring attitudes toward illegal immigrants
Kees van der Veer, Laurens Higler, Susan Woelders, Reidar Ommundsen, Regina Pernice
'Flows and Catchments': A Mixed Method Study utilising NVivo to facilitate Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration incorporating Practice-Based Research. Full paper DOCX
Brad Warren, Patrick West

Social Simulation Methods

Simulating Australasian Marriage Markets
Lyndon Walker

The Practicalities of a Qualitative Research Project

In what ways can a researcher respond when faced with empathy? Reflections from interviews with migrants to Australia Full paper DOCX
Harriet Westcott, Laura Vazquez Maggio

Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis

Application of a hierarchy of exponential random graph models to the analysis of social networks
Philippa Pattison, Garry Robins, Peng Wang

Applied Social Network Analysis

Applying Network Theory to Evaluate Clinical Networks in Australia
Frances Clare Cunningham, Geetha Ranmuthugala, Johanna Irene Westbrook, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Developing Rigorous and Ethical Visual Research Methodologies

Re-visioning qualitative research methods to illuminate young lives.
Rosemary Mann, Deborah Warr
'Creative investigation': developing an innovative approach for research addressing settings of locational disadvantage
Deborah Joy Warr
Exploring domestic kitchen practices using visual methods
Wendy Wills

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

The importance of leadership and mutual understanding for effective health services research collaboration
Reece Amr Hinchcliff, David Greenfield, Johanna Westbrook, Marjorie Pawsey, Max Moldovan, Virginia Mumford, Jeffrey Braithwaite

Studying Food Choices

Food Research in Government – methodologies and challenges
Trevor Webb, Robyn Polisano
Using Virtual Reality to measure consumer food purchasing behaviour
Wilma Waterlander, Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Ingrid Steenhuis
Asking children about their food purchasing behaviour: Lessons for survey design
Wendy Wills, Jennie Macdiarmid, Lindsey Masson, Catherine Bromley, Leone Craig, Geraldine McNeill
Systematic theoretical and methodological limitations of the literature on communication strategies to influence food choice behaviour
Phil Mohr, Nadia Corsini, Donna Hughes, Belinda Wyla

New Techniques in Survey Sampling

Using administrative data to find the homeless and vulnerable: the design of a longitudinal study of housing instability in Australia
Nicole Watson

Best Practices in Teaching Qualitative Research

Best practice in teaching qualitative research methods
Claire Wagner

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

Results from the first Australian Dual Frame Omnibus Survey
Mark Chakrit Western, Darren Pennay, Michele Haynes

Developments in Time Diary Collection, Archiving and Analysis

How do you measure time scarcity?
Jenny Welsh

New technology and social research

Accelerating insight into food safety practices
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Cassim Ladha, Jurgen Wagner, Bin Gao, Karim Ladha, Dan Jackson, Patrick Olivier, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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