Editorial Policies


The aim of the conference is to disseminate knowledge and promote methodological debate with the goal of contributing to the scientific development of social science research, particularly by building the evidence base to evaluate the efficacy, efficiency and rigour of the methods and techniques of social science research.

We welcome papers on all aspects of social science methodology, including but not restricted to: critiques and analysis of the philosophical paradigms that underpin the logic of social research; issues in the formulation of research questions; the design of social research; methods of collecting data, and analysing them; research technologies; and issues relating social science methodology to research consumers.

The focus of each presentation will be a methodological issue. Papers concerned solely on the application of a technique are not acceptable, but we welcome papers that illustrate a methodological issue or problem within the context of a substantive research study.

The conference is organised into scheduled sessions covering themes proposed and organised by members of the international social science community.


Review Process

Session convenors are asked to make a judgement about the suitability of the paper for presentation at the RC33 Social Science Methodology conference. In forming this judgement, please bear in mind that conference presentations are commonly less developed and less complete than a journal article.

The focus of each presentation must be a methodological issue. Papers concerned solely with the application of a technique are not suitable, but we welcome papers that illustrate a methodological issue or problem within the context of a substantive research study even where the author's original intent might have been concerned with the substantive issue.

All sessions should be international, that is, each session should include speakers of at least 2 countries.

Presenters can only have one paper per session. This includes joint papers (e.g. - it will not be possible for A and B to present at the same time one paper as B and A during the same session).

Sessions will be 90 minutes with 4-6 papers per session. Session convenors can invite as many speakers as you like, and the number of sessions depends on the number of papers you have, as long as there is a minimum of 4 papers/session.

Conference organisers will post calls for papers, but convenors should also publicise their sessions through their own networks and contacts.

The submission and review process must conducted through the conference website. Please do not accept submissions by email.

Steps for review:
  1. Authors submit abstracts through the conference management system
  2. If authors have selected a session these abstracts will be sent automatically to the session convenor for review (you will receive a copy of the automatic email response to the author).
  3. If authors have not selected a session then the conference organisers will select an appropriate session and will assign the abstract to the session convenor
  4. Session convenors will review abstracts submitted for their session and will record their decision on the conference management system and notify authors of acceptance
  5. Session convenors will record and reassign those abstracts not accepted to the conference organisers
  6. The conference organisers will reassign the abstract to another session if appropriate or will reject submission and record on the conference management system and notify authors
Submission process flowchart


Open Access Policy

Author Self-Archiving

Authors are permitted to post their papers on personal or institutional websites prior to and after publication by this conference (while providing the bibliographic details of that publication).


RC33 conferences

RC33 (the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Logic and Methodology in Sociology) organised the first International Conference on Social Science Methodology in Amsterdam in 1984. Subsequently, the conference has been held every four years:


2012 RC33 conference host - ACSPRI

ACSPRI is a consortium of universities and government research agencies, established as a non-profit organisation in 1976 to support and promote social science. It runs intensive courses on social science research methods; supports and collaborates with the Australian Social Science Data Archive; develops Open Source survey software; and undertakes surveys for university researchers.


2012 RC33 conference location

The University of Sydney - Sydney, Australia


2012 RC33 conference dates

Monday 9th - Friday 13th July 2012

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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