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Assessing Equivalence of Survey Questions

Cross-national and crosscultural comparisons of students' readiness and expectations
Ellen Jansen, Stéfanie André, Cor Suhre
How to estimate effect of wording and translation in comparative Surveys?
Dominique Joye

Sampling for Cross-national Surveys

Equality restrictions in the social sciences and impacts on estimators of covariates
Marco Giesselmann, Wolfgang Jagodzinski

Survey Non-response in Comparative Perspective

Corrections for non responses in Switzerland
Dominique Joye

Sequence Analysis for Social Science Data

Causal Analysis of Sequence Pattern: An Empirical Comparison of Two Sequence Complexity Measures
Georgios Papastefanou, Ewa Jarosz

Benchmarks, Standards and Guidelines: Current Best Practice

AAPOR's Transparency Initiative
Timothy Patrick Johnson

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Cumulative effects of dependent interviewing on measurement error: results from a four-wave validation study
Annette Jaeckle, Johannes Eggs, Mark Trappmann

Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Modern Age

Whanau Talk: Exploring collaboration in indigenous centred social research on family communication in New Zealand.
Huia Tomlins Jahnke, Annemarie Gillies, Ani Ruwhiu
Whanau Talk: Examining the implications of interconnectedness and relational epistemologies as frameworks within which to discuss an indigenous centred methodology on family communication in New Zealand.
Huia Tomlins Jahnke, annemarie Gillies, Ani Ruwhiu

Studying Food Choices

Developing an intuitive test of food hazard perceptions
Caroline Millman, Dan Rigby, David Jones

Improving Survey Quality: General

Landline versus Cell Phone Surveys: Interviewers' Experience Full paper DOC
Wojciech Jablonski

New technology and social research

Accelerating insight into food safety practices
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Cassim Ladha, Jurgen Wagner, Bin Gao, Karim Ladha, Dan Jackson, Patrick Olivier, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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