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Evaluating Attitude Measures Across Countries and Survey Programs

Multiple Correspondence Analysis: An Alternative for Preserving Complexity in Value Research
Zoltan Lakatos

Survey Non-response in Comparative Perspective

Within-Unit Respondent Selection Errors in Landline RDD Surveys
Paul John Lavrakas, Trevor N Tompson

Cluster Analysis

Two models of social stratification: from a classification scheme to a typology.
Sandra Fachelli, Pedro Lopez-Roldán

Sequence Analysis for Social Science Data

A Permutation Test for Group Comparisons of Social Science Sequences
Tim Liao, Anette Fasang
Women work histories over two generations: a dyadic sequence analysis approach to uncover patterns of mothers and daughters careers
Nicolas Robette, Eva Lelièvre, Xavier Bry

Data Linking Methodology

An agent based approach to building a synthetic population for transport planning for Sydney
Nam Huynh, Francois Lamy, Matthew Berryman, Pascal Perez, Mohammad Reza Namazi Rad

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

Using Response Latencies and Eye Tracking to Pretest Survey Questions: A Comparative Analysis of Potentials and Challenges
Timo Lenzner

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Data accuracy for off-seam months
Peter Lugtig, Tina Glasner

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Effects on panel mortality in telephone surveys
Christine E. Meltzer, Ilka Lolies, Gregor Daschmann

Comparative Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data

An Experimental Determination of Perceived Liveability in Sydney Full paper PDF
Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Francois Lamy, Pascal Perez, Matthew Berryman

Social Simulation and Modelling for Public Policy

Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Long-term health and social care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Policy modelling and demographic ageing: Primary health care
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Martin von Randow, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Using dynamic microsimulation to inform policy: Effects in childhood
Roy Lay-Yee, Barry Milne, Janet Pearson, Jessica Thomas, Oliver Mannion, Peter Davis
Developing a policy simulation model through engagement with policy end-users.
Barry Milne, Roy Lay-Yee, Oliver Mannion, Jessica Thomas, Janet Pearson
An integrated decision-support approach in prioritizing risks of non-native species in the face of high uncertainty
Shuang Liu

Social Simulation Methods

Modeling and Simulating Recreational Poly-drug Use: an Ontologic Agent-based Approach.
Francois Lamy, Pascal Perez, Terry Bossomaier

Methodological Challenges in Web-based Data Collection

Data quality of questions sensitive to social-desirability bias in web surveys
Katja Lozar Manfreda, Nino Zajc, Nejc Berzelak, Vasja Vehovar

Research Methodology for New Digital Communication Technologies

Smartphone Apps and User Engagement: Collecting Data in the Digital Era
Michael W Link

Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis

Centrality, attitudes and perceptions
Dean Lusher, Garry Robins, Peter Kremer

Tracing the City. Methods of Analysing Urban Structures and Transformations

L’ identité sociale des jeunnes dans les « quartiers sensibles ». Étude de cas: la Roumanie.
Miron Luminita
Network Analysis as a Method for Grasping Urban Structures: The Case of Changing Urban Development Policies in Hamburg and Rotterdam
Bettina Lelong

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

Initiating deliberation: participatory analysis of the implications of institutional change for the prospects of industrial recycling
Jarkko Levänen
A Research Design for Interdisciplinary Research. The Case of Collaboration between Sociology and Geodesy
Cornelia Thierbach, Alexandra Lorenz, Nina Baur

New Techniques in Survey Sampling

Grid square based sampling
Seppo Laaksonen
A Method for Regularly Adding Samples of Recent Immigrants to Household Panel Surveys
Peter Lynn

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

Propensity Model for Weighting Dual Frame Telephone Samples
Robert Benford, Trevor Tompson, Julian Baim, John Lien, Lancey Heyman

New technology and social research

Accelerating insight into food safety practices
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Cassim Ladha, Jurgen Wagner, Bin Gao, Karim Ladha, Dan Jackson, Patrick Olivier, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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