ACSPRI Conferences, ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference 2010

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Insider-Outsider Identities in Fieldwork: Challenges of Collecting Data in Difficult Security Situations

Asha Lal Tamang

Building: Holme Building
Room: MacCallum Room
Date: 2010-12-03 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Last modified: 2010-12-14


Fieldwork poses range of challenges that can be troublesome, particularly if the security situation is dangerous. In this article, the researcher discusses the challenges encountered while doing qualitative fieldwork in rural Nepal where the security situation was not very favourable. The article elaborates on ways of overcoming the challenges while maintaining neutrality and on negotiation between insider-outsider identities between the researcher and the participants. This article aims that the resource presented here contribute to future researchers doing fieldwork in similar circumstances.