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Social Research Using Digital Trace Data

Supervised machine learning for automated coding of websites: an exploratory pilot study of government hyperlink networks
Timothy Graham, Robert Ackland, Paul Henman
Adaptive sampling from large-scale government hyperlink networks
Robert Ackland, Paul Henman, Timothy Graham
Identifying Communities within Hyperlink Networks: An approach to mapping and analysing government on the web
Paul Henman, Tim Graham, Rob Ackland

Statistical modelling for social network analysis: The state of play.

Gender homophily in Facebook personal networks of older adults
Mahin Raissi, Robert Ackland

Strategies for integrating analyses in mixed methods research

Development and Initial Testing of Measures of Acceptability of Intoxication using a Mixed Methods Approach PDF
Nina Van Dyke, Julaine Allan

Structural Equation Modelling in Social Sciences

Using Structural Equation Modelling to Determine Predictors for Public Acceptance of Genetically Modified Food: Limitations and Strategies
Latifah Amin

Methodological Issues in Cross National or Comparative Research

The Gender Wage Gap in Bangladesh: An application of Olsen and Walby simulation method XML
Nafisa Anjum, Anne Daly

Positive organisational scholarship: A space for methodological creativity

Utilizing Photovoice Methodology to Examine Mental Health Medication Use DOCX
Gina Aalgaard Kelly

Social network research: Research designs and methods

Partial Sociometric Research Designs: Do we always need complete whole network data?
Malcolm Alexander

Studying Hard to Locate Populations

Conducting sensitive research in volatile online environments: the Silk Road story
Monica Jane Barratt, Alexia Maddox, Simon Lenton, Matthew Allen

Big Data - What can we learn and do? (Part 2)

Supply Chain Data Scientists and Performance of Data-Driven Global Agrifood Supply Chains
Pervaiz Akhtar, Zaheer Khan
Silver Bullets Or Selling The Family Silver? Governance and Methodologies In Commercializing Health Big Data
Bruce Baer Arnold

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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