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Applications in Social Networks Methodology

A Social Network Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey Data PDF
Azadeh Hemmati, Kon Shing Kenneth Chung

Innovations in Automated Data Collection (Part 1)

Quality Monitoring Strategy of 2013 China Mental Health Survey
Gina Cheung, Yan Sun

Social network analysis: Applied studies and substantive topics

Application of social network methods to assess collaboration in a National Research Partnership to improve the quality of Indigenous primary health care
Frances Clare Cunningham, Veronica Matthews, Anna Sheahan, Ross Bailie

Evaluating for Public Policy

Reconsidering Randomised Controlled Trials as the ‘Gold Standard’: A methodological journey through the design of a psychotherapy research project
Celia Conolly

Studying Organisations: Surveys and Other Methods

Analysis of free text response data in large surveys: a comparison between manual and automated analyses
Gillian Little, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Tony Cotton, Fiona Buick, Blackman Deborah
Use of photo-elicitation to gain insights into the nature of self-managed teams in the academic world XML
Josephine Pryce, Taha Chaiechi, Sue Ciccotosto, Heron Loban

Informing Policy Research using the Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset

Ethnic mobility or statistical ethnic mobility? The implications of changing Indigenous status for data linking and population projections
Nicholas Biddle, Paul Campbell

Innovations in Automated Data Collection (Part 2)

Using Multiple Modes of Collection -- Systems, Management, and Paradata
Patricia Maher, Gina Cheung
Using photo elicitation to understand customer experiences – Some lessons learned XML
Wei LIU, Beverley Sparks, Alexandra Coghlan
Using new technologies in international social research
Gina Cheung, Beth-Ellen Pennell

Q and A Session: Dual-Mode Design Considerations for Web Surveys

Dual-Mode Design Considerations for Web Surveys
Curtiss Cobb

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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