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Studying Complex and Changing Populations and Cohorts (Part 1)

Researching Indigenous Issues: getting to the core.
Kerrie E Doyle

Using official data sources for model building

Rebalancing care for older people: Simulating policy options using official data
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Peter Davis

In-depth Qualitative Techniques

Utilising photovoice and poetic analysis in aged care: Lessons from the field
Evonne Miller, Geraldine Donoghue
Self defining stories as methodology XML
Mary Jane Ditton

Interviews, interviewing and mode effects

Can expert interviews replace direct research methods when investigating motivations and barriers to pro-environmental behaviour?
Fiona McCartney, Jeanette Durante

Social network analysis: Applied studies and substantive topics

Determining brokerage and closure processes from time-ordered interactions
Lucia Falzon, John M Dunn

Assessing the Impact of the Social Sciences

Valuing the social sciences. An agenda for hard times.
Peter Davis

Methodological Issues in Cross National or Comparative Research

The Gender Wage Gap in Bangladesh: An application of Olsen and Walby simulation method XML
Nafisa Anjum, Anne Daly

Positive organisational scholarship: A space for methodological creativity

A POSH way to enhance health service management: Inquiry and engagement intertwined XML
Ann Dadich, Liz Fulop, Anne Smyth, Mary Ditton
Interprofessional practice in healthcare – A POSH approach XML
Ann Dadich, Rebecca E Olson

Social network research: Research designs and methods

Online recruitment: Poisoned chalice or light at the end of the recruitment tunnel?
Carmel M Taddeo, Daly L Daly, Barbara A Spears

Studying Organisations: Surveys and Other Methods

Analysis of free text response data in large surveys: a comparison between manual and automated analyses
Gillian Little, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Tony Cotton, Fiona Buick, Blackman Deborah

Studying Complex and Changing Populations and Cohorts (Part 2)

Methodological innovations for a complex population
Diana Smart, Saul Flaxman, Kylie Brosnan, John De Maio, Michelle Silbert

Measurement and Other Errors (with a focus on TSE) (Part 2)

Poststratification and optimal weighting strategies for dual frame telephone surveys in Australia
Shane Dinsdale

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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