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Studying Complex and Changing Populations and Cohorts (Part 1)

Investigating cohort effects in longitudinal studies
Sally Galbraith

Using official data sources for model building

Merging Data From Multiple Official, Other Government, and Non-government Sources into a Microsimulation
Michelle Gosse

Measuring the impact of policy change: evidence-based approaches to reducing crime

Measuring reoffending following sentencing: How different methodologies affect results and their implications for criminal justice policy-makers
Karen Gelb

Social Research Using Digital Trace Data

Supervised machine learning for automated coding of websites: an exploratory pilot study of government hyperlink networks
Timothy Graham, Robert Ackland, Paul Henman
Adaptive sampling from large-scale government hyperlink networks
Robert Ackland, Paul Henman, Timothy Graham
Identifying Communities within Hyperlink Networks: An approach to mapping and analysing government on the web
Paul Henman, Tim Graham, Rob Ackland

Evaluating for Public Policy

Social Sciences Research Supporting Food Regulation in Australia New Zealand
Michelle Gosse

Informing Policy Research using the Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset

Creating and Analysing the ACLD: Overcoming errors in the linked dataset
Phillip Gould

Big Data - What can we learn and do? (Part 2)

Methodology for Sociolinguistic Social Network Analysis of Facebook
David Glance, Wei Liu, Shenlong Gu

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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