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Using official data sources for model building

Rebalancing care for older people: Simulating policy options using official data
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Peter Davis

Applications in Social Networks Methodology

Developing Trust and Conveying Authority in the Social Media Relationship
Grish Purswani

Innovations in Automated Data Collection (Part 1)

Using paradata to monitor interviewer’s behavior: A case study from a national survey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Yu-chieh (Jay) Lin, Jennifer Kelley, Zeina Mneimneh, Beth-Ellen Pennell

Social network analysis: Applied studies and substantive topics

Multilevel network analysis using ERGMs and ALAAMs
Peng Wang, Garry Robins, Philippa Pattison, Emmanuel Lazega

Statistical modelling for social network analysis: The state of play.

Analysis of clickstream data using the relational event framework
Duy Vu, Philippa Pattison, Garry Robins
Relational Event Models for Social Learning in MOOCs
Philippa Pattison, Duy Vu, Garry Robins

Structural Equation Modelling in Social Sciences

Evaluating the effect of democracy to social policy effectiveness XML
Fadillah Putra

Assessing the Impact of the Social Sciences

The Public’s Experience of Law: Large-Scale Surveys of Civil Legal Problems and their Impact on Access to Justice Policy
Pascoe Pleasence, Nigel Balmer

Measurement and Other Errors (with a focus on TSE) (Part 1)

Introducing the Total Survey Error (TSE) framework PDF
Darren Walter Pennay

Methodological Issues in Cross National or Comparative Research

Surveys of Legal Need Worldwide (and When Small Methodological Changes Can Result in Big Differences)
Nigel J Balmer, Pascoe Pleasence

Studying Organisations: Surveys and Other Methods

Use of photo-elicitation to gain insights into the nature of self-managed teams in the academic world XML
Josephine Pryce, Taha Chaiechi, Sue Ciccotosto, Heron Loban

Innovations in Automated Data Collection (Part 2)

Using new technologies in international social research
Gina Cheung, Beth-Ellen Pennell

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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