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Social network analysis: Applied studies and substantive topics

Multilevel network analysis using ERGMs and ALAAMs
Peng Wang, Garry Robins, Philippa Pattison, Emmanuel Lazega
Network governance, multilevel networks and social ecological systems
Garry Robins

Statistical modelling for social network analysis: The state of play.

Gender homophily in Facebook personal networks of older adults
Mahin Raissi, Robert Ackland
Analysis of clickstream data using the relational event framework
Duy Vu, Philippa Pattison, Garry Robins
Relational Event Models for Social Learning in MOOCs
Philippa Pattison, Duy Vu, Garry Robins
Balance theory revisited: Is structural balance always necessary?
Yu Zhao, Garry Robins

Structural Equation Modelling in Social Sciences

Application of a hidden Markov model to assess the transitions of smoking and quitting
Jeong Kyu Lee, Christopher Magee, Laura Robinson

Evaluating for Public Policy

Immigrants’ integration, cultural identities, second language pedagogies, and the new information and communication technologies
Lucy Resnyansky

Social network research: Research designs and methods

Causality in social network research
Garry Robins

Theoretical, Conceptual and Other Issues

The various types and uses of Conceptual Frameworks in research
Craig McDonald, John Rayner

Studying Complex and Changing Populations and Cohorts (Part 2)

Tracking developmental change: Developing age-sensitive content and methodological solutions in Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children
Jennifer Ann Renda, Karena Jessup

Big Data - What can we learn and do? (Part 2)

Data in context: social scientific studies of natural disaster and the analysis of social media Untitled
Lucy Resnyansky

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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