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Assessing Equivalence of Survey Questions

Validating measurements of subjective well-being in EU-SILC - experiences from pre-tests in Statistics Finland
Merja Kallio-Peltoniemi

Survey Non-response in Comparative Perspective

Comparative Measurement of Interviewer Effects on Attrition
Ulrich Krieger

Cluster Analysis

The Benefits of Clustering Methods in Electoral Manifestos Comparison Full paper PDF
Samo Kropivnik
Domestic food-safety and the older consumer: A segmentation analysis - Using Cluster Analysis to quantitatively derive typologies of the older consumer using lifestyle and food-safety knowledge and behavioural data
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan
Cluster and Network Analysis Techniques in a Multi-Stage Methodology for Business Research
Emanuela Todeva, David Knoke, Donka Keskinova

Data Linking Methodology

Unbiased Regression Estimation for Multi-Linked Data in the Presence of Correlated Linkage Errors
Gunky Kim

Data Quality in Survey-administrative Linked Data

Reasons for differences in reliability of process-produced data - The case of educational achievement
Thomas Kruppe, Britta Matthes, Stefanie Unger

Evaluating Methods for Testing Survey Questions

A new look at mode effects: a look through an eye-tracker
Olena Kaminska, Thomas W Foulsham

Understanding Measurement Error in Longitudinal Data (Recall Error, Seam Effects, Spurious Change and Conditioning)

Interviewer Effects on Measurement Error in Panel Surveys
Ulrich Krieger

Measuring Concepts for Social Bookkeeping Data

Ensuring reliability of information in process-produced data - The case of educational attainment
Thomas Kruppe, Britta Matthes, Stefanie Unger

Issues Arising in the Collection and Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Data

Multiple Imputation of Incomplete Multilevel Count Data
Kristian Kleinke, Jost Reinecke

Combining Content Analysis and Survey Data: Issues, Implications and Perspectives in Individual-level Media Effects Research

Rethinking the Level of Analysis: A Call for Shifting the Perspective of Campaign Effects Research to Multi-level Analysis
Mona Krewel, Julia PartheymĂĽller

Research Methodology for New Digital Communication Technologies

Collecting and understanding personal network data using a smartphone application
Jeffrey Boase, Tetsuro Kobayashi

Models and Methods in Social Network Analysis

Centrality, attitudes and perceptions
Dean Lusher, Garry Robins, Peter Kremer

Social Media Network Analysis

Categorizing and measuring social ties Full paper PDF
Matti Nelimarkka, Juuso Karikoski
Online advocacy networks, issue mobilisations and the Coal Seam Gas controversy
Asha Titus, Declan Kuch

Social Network Analysis - General

Quantifying Chaos: Animal social networks and baboon troop structure.
Miles Vernon Keighley

Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Modern Age

Genograms and Ecomaps For Research With Maori Collectives
Vivienne Kennedy
Bridging the gap between mainstream and indigenous research methodology
Motheo Koitsiwe

Exploring Collaboration and Partnerships in Social Research

Collaboration in a participatory study model: social research through project a evaluation process.
Lia Kalinnikova, Magnus - Magnusson

Studying Food Choices

Mental models of food recalls
Gulbanu Kaptan, Baruch Fischhoff

New Techniques in Survey Sampling

Less Selectivity by Mixing Modes? Empirical Results from Two Germany Surveys
Corinna Kleinert, Michael Ruland

Best Practices in Teaching Qualitative Research

Effectiveness of Technological Tools for Teaching QRM Online
Barbara Kawulich

Coverage and Nonresponse Issues in Dual Frame RDD Telephone Surveys

To Screen or Not to Screen: Cell Phone Only vs Take All Design for RDD Landline/Cell Surveys
Martin Barron, Jenny Kelly, Michele Koppelman, Robert Montgomery

New technology and social research

Accelerating insight into food safety practices
Helen Elizabeth Kendall, Cassim Ladha, Jurgen Wagner, Bin Gao, Karim Ladha, Dan Jackson, Patrick Olivier, Sharron Kuznesof, Mary Brennan
Getting Respondents’ Attention in the Digital Age Full paper PDF
Kymn M Kochanek, Lauren Seward

RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

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