The conference is organised around four themes:

  • Research paradigms and designs;
  • Research methods and techniques
  • Research technology and tools;
  • Datasets, data collections and data archiving.

Indicative themes/initial ideas for sessions within each theme. These are not exhaustive but rather, indicative. We welcome sessions on any area of social science methodology.

Research paradigms and designs:

  • Multi-method and mixed methods research;

  • Models of qualitative research;

  • Ethnographic approaches;

  • Challenges in survey research;

  • Case study research.

Research methods and techniques:

  • Issues in questionnaire design;

  • Cognitive interviews;

  • Collecting sensitive information;

  • Total survey error and total survey quality;

Research technology and tools:

  • Using open source software in survey research;

  • Data visualisation tools;

  • Software use and developments;

  • Data management and analysis tools;

Datasets, data collections and data archiving:

  • Dataset specific sessions;

  • Cross national surveys/research;

  • Panel studies;

  • Data dissemination and use of secondary data.


ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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