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Plenary Sessions

Social Media Network Analysis Ackland Slides PDF Alexander Slides PDF
Robert Ackland, Malcolm Alexander

Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

Lost respondent tracking and sample retention in LSAC
Matt Ashton, Kym Byars

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Questions of pragmatism in Community-based Participatory Research with an Indigenous community
Julie Mooney-Somers, Anna Olsen, Robert Scott, Angie Akee, Lisa Maher

PhD 1

The quantitative-qualitative debate: subjectivity in the so called 'objective research' in nursing
Mohammad A. Al-Motlaq, Ysanne Chapman

On Line Research

A Web Analysis of HIV Information Delivery in China
Jiaying Zhao, Robert Ackland
Using Digital Trace Data to Research Social Networks and Ageing
Robert Ackland

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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