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Plenary Sessions

The nature of spatial data and issues for socio-economic analysis and visualization Stimson Slides 1 Stimson Slides 2
Robert John Stimson
Social Media Network Analysis Ackland Slides PDF Alexander Slides PDF
Robert Ackland, Malcolm Alexander
Benefits and Limitations of Cross-National Comparative Survey Data Denemark Part A Slide Notes Denemark Part A Slides 1 Denemark Part A Slides 2 Denemark Part B Slide Notes Denemark Part B Slides
David Denemark
Qualitative Data Archiving: Opportunities for Data Sharing among the Qualitative Community Cheshire Slides PDF
Lynda Anne Cheshire

National Church Survey

Innovative approaches to data dissemination and visualisation for non-statistical audiences
Chris Simpson

Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

LSAC - Evolution of data collection modes
Joanne Corey, Kathryn McGrouther

Data Archiving and Research Infrastructure

Grid computing for social science researchers: Where are we and where can we go?
Lyndon Walker
The New Zealand Data Service: A Multi-Purpose Platform for Professional Social Science.
Gerard Anthony Cotterell, Martin Von Randow
Respect, Trust and Engagement: the Broader Implications of Creating an Australian Indigenous Data Archive
Gabrielle Gardiner, Alex Byrne, Kirsten Thorpe, Elizabeth Mulhollann

Doing Sensitive Research

'Sometimes I think I would be better at this if I was a robot': Qualitative research as emotion work.
Virginia A Dickson-Swift
Doing research with Aboriginal women: The impact of whitness
Margot Rawsthorne
Tears across cultures: Experiences from the 2003 Canberra Bushfire and the 2004 tsunami in Aceh
Theresia Citraningtyas, Katherine Lepani, Beverley Raphael
Conducting Sensitive Research with Adolescents
Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins, Kate Steinbeck, S. Rachel Skinner, Margot Rawsthorne, Karen Paxton, Catherine Hawke

Interviewing Individuals and Groups

Using graphic-elicitation to enhance interviews with farmers sceptical of climate-change
Geoff Kuehne
'Be our guest': Exploring the challenges and benefits of facilitating conversations with people within a family group (or who share a close social connection) as form of data collection for qualitative research about infant feeding and early parenting.
Judith Ellen Reid, Virginia Schmied, Jennifer Fenwick, Athena Sheehan
Research insights about the use of observation as a method for investigating skilled-migrants to Australia with their friends
Harriet Westcott

Data Analysis and Qualitative Studies

Insider-Outsider Identities in Fieldwork: Challenges of Collecting Data in Difficult Security Situations
Asha Lal Tamang
Cross-cultural research in Aceh and Canberra: Comparing apples and pears?
Theresia Citraningtyas, Katherine Lepani, Beverley Raphael
Knowledge transfer when citizens engage in deliberative processes on health policy development: A socially-situated critique
Catherine Anne Settle

Mixed Methods Research

Managing organisations in health: A mixed methods study of relationships between nursing practice environment, job satisfaction and quality of nursing care
Nazlee Siddiqui, Anneke Fitzgerald
Why do Australian university learners of Japanese discontinue?
Barbara Northwood
Mixed methods designs: using qualitative and quantitative approaches in development studies curriculum research
Elizabeth Humphries

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Ethnographic Approaches to Researching Injecting Drug Use
Catrin Smith
Researching family work-life-education balance: orchestrating priorities and compromises
Catherine Ann Doherty
Using hermeneutic phenomenology to explore nurses' experience of nursing for the outlier patients in acute care hospitals
Jasmine Cheung, Maureen Boughton, Sandra West
Questions of pragmatism in Community-based Participatory Research with an Indigenous community
Julie Mooney-Somers, Anna Olsen, Robert Scott, Angie Akee, Lisa Maher

Studying Food Choices

Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Determine the Relative Value of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Meat Attributes: A Case Study of Australian Beef Consumers
Wendy Umberger, Simone Mueller
Studying Food Choices: How should we do this?
Michelle Gosse
Construct validation of the Comprehensive Feeding Practices Questionnaire (CFPQ) in an Australian sample.
Michael John Kiernan
Serving-size information on nutrition labels
Lenny R Vartanian

The Relationship Between Theory and Method in Qualitative Research

Theorising the process of preventive dental care while combining two theories in practice
Alexandra Sbaraini, Stacy M Carter, Robin Wendell Evans, Anthony Blinkhorn
The relationship between theory and practice in qualitative inquiry
Stacy M Carter, Claire Hooker
Research Methodologies for Engineering Asset Management
Khaled Omran El-Akruti, Richard Dwight
Workplace Communication: Balancing the Topic, the Theory and the Methodology
Lyn Daff

PhD 1

The quantitative-qualitative debate: subjectivity in the so called 'objective research' in nursing
Mohammad A. Al-Motlaq, Ysanne Chapman
Pitfalls of data collection: a practical guide to overcoming methodological issues associated with data collection for a PhD Project based primarily on a survey design
Sallie Gardner
A study on the patterns of change in the Vietnamese language spoken by the second generation of the Vietnamese immigrants in Queensland, Australia
Bao Tinh Hoang
The experiences of a participant observer in online renal discussion groups: robust vulnerability and warm exclusion.
Natalya Godbold

Feminist Research

Using Qualitative Methods in Feminist Research
Nurunnaher Nurunnaher
The Emotional Labour of Sensitive and Feminist Research Methodologies
Katherine Carroll
Towards a feminist methodology of listening PDF
Frances Shaw
Media reporting of the women's movement
Kirsty McLaren

On Line Research

Comparing the quality of data from postal and online questionnaires
Allan Benaud Smith, Madeleine King, Phyllis Butow, Ian Olver
Observing the joint dynamics of different event streams in social media environments
Christoph Stadtfeld
A Web Analysis of HIV Information Delivery in China
Jiaying Zhao, Robert Ackland
Using Digital Trace Data to Research Social Networks and Ageing
Robert Ackland

PhD 2

Research Design in Upper Echelons Theory: A Philosophical Analysis
Zahra Sadeghinejad, Arash Najmaei
Issues and Solutions for Applying Grounded Theory Method: A Preliminary Analysis
Corina Raduescu, Iris Vessey
Researching Organizational (Dynamic) Capabilities: An Introduction to Epistemology and Ontology
Arash Najmaei

Measurement and instrument development

Measuring Literal-Symbolic Content in Advertising
Maria M. Van Dessel
Resolving Differential Item Functioning by split of items
Curt Hagquist
The use of Life Event Calendar methodology in intimate partner homicide research
Li Eriksson, Paul Mazerolle, Richard Wortley, Holly Johnson
Loose Poles: Evidence on the Importance of Specific Labels on Response Scales
Paula Wright

Improving Survey Coverage

Profiling the 'mobile phone only' population. Results from Australia's first ever Dual-frame telephone survey
Darren Walter Pennay
Random Digit Dialing - Changes and Challenges
Darren Walter Pennay, Graham Michael Challice
Minimising attrition during a 12 month longitudinal study of a vulnerable population
Karen Larsen-Truong

Data Analysis - methods

Getting a Job in Australia: Evidence from AuSSA2007 and Methodological Reflections
Xianbi Huang, Mark Western
A practical guide to using Cliff's Delta as a measure of effect size where parametric equivalents are inappropriate.
Kane Meissel
Analysing experimental data with repeated measures: distinguishing order effects from intervention impacts in a jury simulation
David Tait

Policy Research

A Modelling Tool to Improve the Policy Response on Issues Concerning Children and Young People
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Oliver Mannion, Wendy Wrapson
Data linkage in a social context: Making data work for complex populations
Eileen Baldry, Melissa Clarence, Leanne Dowse, Daren Fisher
Finding a way: Footprints in Time, the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children
Tess Margaret McPeake

Research Ethics in Qualitative Studies

Remoralizing suicide research: Ethical and methodological considerations
Scott James Fitzpatrick
Proposing 'Best Practice' Research: Methodology-Methods-Ethics Links that Facilitate Meaningful Research and Participant Well-being
Petra Buergelt
Existential and hermeneutic dimensions of phenomenological inquiry in psychology: from an insider's perspective
Anita Milicevic

Design Issues for Quantitative Data

Lone and couple mothers in the Australian labour market: Using HILDA calendar data to examine monthly employment transitions
Jennifer Renda, Jennifer Baxter
The Strengths and Challenges of Operationalising a National Pain Management Project using a Step-Wedge design.
Scott Bennetts, Susan Huckson, Kerri Holzhauser, Mitra Jazayeri
Recall error and partner consistency in reporting of cohabitation and marriage dates
Anna Reimondos, Ann Evans, Edith Gray

Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)

Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA)
Sinan Gemici
Overview of the LSAY program
Patrick Lim
Using the LSAY data
Jung-Sook Lee

Data Analysis - applications

Life Satisfaction across the Retirement Transition: a Latent Growth Curve Modelling Approach
Lachlan Heybroek
Income pooling in couples: differences between and within countries over time
Ann Evans, Anna Reimondos, Edith Gray

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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