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Plenary Sessions

Benefits and Limitations of Cross-National Comparative Survey Data Denemark Part A Slide Notes Denemark Part A Slides 1 Denemark Part A Slides 2 Denemark Part B Slide Notes Denemark Part B Slides
David Denemark

National Church Survey

Data Manipulation of Large Multi-level Datasets
Martin Dowson

Doing Sensitive Research

'Sometimes I think I would be better at this if I was a robot': Qualitative research as emotion work.
Virginia A Dickson-Swift

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Researching family work-life-education balance: orchestrating priorities and compromises
Catherine Ann Doherty

The Relationship Between Theory and Method in Qualitative Research

Research Methodologies for Engineering Asset Management
Khaled Omran El-Akruti, Richard Dwight
Workplace Communication: Balancing the Topic, the Theory and the Methodology
Lyn Daff

Policy Research

Data linkage in a social context: Making data work for complex populations
Eileen Baldry, Melissa Clarence, Leanne Dowse, Daren Fisher

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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