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Doing Sensitive Research

Conducting Sensitive Research with Adolescents
Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins, Kate Steinbeck, S. Rachel Skinner, Margot Rawsthorne, Karen Paxton, Catherine Hawke

Mixed Methods Research

Mixed methods designs: using qualitative and quantitative approaches in development studies curriculum research
Elizabeth Humphries

The Relationship Between Theory and Method in Qualitative Research

The relationship between theory and practice in qualitative inquiry
Stacy M Carter, Claire Hooker

PhD 1

A study on the patterns of change in the Vietnamese language spoken by the second generation of the Vietnamese immigrants in Queensland, Australia
Bao Tinh Hoang

Measurement and instrument development

Resolving Differential Item Functioning by split of items
Curt Hagquist

Data Analysis - methods

Getting a Job in Australia: Evidence from AuSSA2007 and Methodological Reflections
Xianbi Huang, Mark Western

Design Issues for Quantitative Data

The Strengths and Challenges of Operationalising a National Pain Management Project using a Step-Wedge design.
Scott Bennetts, Susan Huckson, Kerri Holzhauser, Mitra Jazayeri

Data Analysis - applications

Life Satisfaction across the Retirement Transition: a Latent Growth Curve Modelling Approach
Lachlan Heybroek

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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