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Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

LSAC - Evolution of data collection modes
Joanne Corey, Kathryn McGrouther

Data Archiving and Research Infrastructure

Respect, Trust and Engagement: the Broader Implications of Creating an Australian Indigenous Data Archive
Gabrielle Gardiner, Alex Byrne, Kirsten Thorpe, Elizabeth Mulhollann

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Questions of pragmatism in Community-based Participatory Research with an Indigenous community
Julie Mooney-Somers, Anna Olsen, Robert Scott, Angie Akee, Lisa Maher

Studying Food Choices

Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Determine the Relative Value of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Meat Attributes: A Case Study of Australian Beef Consumers
Wendy Umberger, Simone Mueller

Feminist Research

Media reporting of the women's movement
Kirsty McLaren

Measurement and instrument development

The use of Life Event Calendar methodology in intimate partner homicide research
Li Eriksson, Paul Mazerolle, Richard Wortley, Holly Johnson

Data Analysis - methods

A practical guide to using Cliff's Delta as a measure of effect size where parametric equivalents are inappropriate.
Kane Meissel

Policy Research

A Modelling Tool to Improve the Policy Response on Issues Concerning Children and Young People
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Oliver Mannion, Wendy Wrapson
Finding a way: Footprints in Time, the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children
Tess Margaret McPeake

Research Ethics in Qualitative Studies

Existential and hermeneutic dimensions of phenomenological inquiry in psychology: from an insider's perspective
Anita Milicevic

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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