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National Church Survey

A method to run 20+ surveys at the same time: using a modular approach
Michael Pippett, Ruth Powell, Sam Sterland, Chris Simpson

Doing Sensitive Research

Conducting Sensitive Research with Adolescents
Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins, Kate Steinbeck, S. Rachel Skinner, Margot Rawsthorne, Karen Paxton, Catherine Hawke

Improving Survey Coverage

Profiling the 'mobile phone only' population. Results from Australia's first ever Dual-frame telephone survey
Darren Walter Pennay
Random Digit Dialing - Changes and Challenges
Darren Walter Pennay, Graham Michael Challice

Policy Research

A Modelling Tool to Improve the Policy Response on Issues Concerning Children and Young People
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Oliver Mannion, Wendy Wrapson

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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