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Doing Sensitive Research

Doing research with Aboriginal women: The impact of whitness
Margot Rawsthorne
Tears across cultures: Experiences from the 2003 Canberra Bushfire and the 2004 tsunami in Aceh
Theresia Citraningtyas, Katherine Lepani, Beverley Raphael
Conducting Sensitive Research with Adolescents
Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins, Kate Steinbeck, S. Rachel Skinner, Margot Rawsthorne, Karen Paxton, Catherine Hawke

Interviewing Individuals and Groups

'Be our guest': Exploring the challenges and benefits of facilitating conversations with people within a family group (or who share a close social connection) as form of data collection for qualitative research about infant feeding and early parenting.
Judith Ellen Reid, Virginia Schmied, Jennifer Fenwick, Athena Sheehan

Data Analysis and Qualitative Studies

Cross-cultural research in Aceh and Canberra: Comparing apples and pears?
Theresia Citraningtyas, Katherine Lepani, Beverley Raphael

PhD 2

Issues and Solutions for Applying Grounded Theory Method: A Preliminary Analysis
Corina Raduescu, Iris Vessey

Design Issues for Quantitative Data

Lone and couple mothers in the Australian labour market: Using HILDA calendar data to examine monthly employment transitions
Jennifer Renda, Jennifer Baxter
Recall error and partner consistency in reporting of cohabitation and marriage dates
Anna Reimondos, Ann Evans, Edith Gray

Data Analysis - applications

Income pooling in couples: differences between and within countries over time
Ann Evans, Anna Reimondos, Edith Gray

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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