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Plenary Sessions

The nature of spatial data and issues for socio-economic analysis and visualization Stimson Slides 1 Stimson Slides 2
Robert John Stimson

National Church Survey

An Integrated Database Design: 300 000+ responses, 7000 churches, four survey waves
Sam Sterland
A method to run 20+ surveys at the same time: using a modular approach
Michael Pippett, Ruth Powell, Sam Sterland, Chris Simpson
Innovative approaches to data dissemination and visualisation for non-statistical audiences
Chris Simpson

Doing Sensitive Research

Conducting Sensitive Research with Adolescents
Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins, Kate Steinbeck, S. Rachel Skinner, Margot Rawsthorne, Karen Paxton, Catherine Hawke

Interviewing Individuals and Groups

'Be our guest': Exploring the challenges and benefits of facilitating conversations with people within a family group (or who share a close social connection) as form of data collection for qualitative research about infant feeding and early parenting.
Judith Ellen Reid, Virginia Schmied, Jennifer Fenwick, Athena Sheehan

Data Analysis and Qualitative Studies

Knowledge transfer when citizens engage in deliberative processes on health policy development: A socially-situated critique
Catherine Anne Settle

Mixed Methods Research

Managing organisations in health: A mixed methods study of relationships between nursing practice environment, job satisfaction and quality of nursing care
Nazlee Siddiqui, Anneke Fitzgerald

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Ethnographic Approaches to Researching Injecting Drug Use
Catrin Smith
Questions of pragmatism in Community-based Participatory Research with an Indigenous community
Julie Mooney-Somers, Anna Olsen, Robert Scott, Angie Akee, Lisa Maher

The Relationship Between Theory and Method in Qualitative Research

Theorising the process of preventive dental care while combining two theories in practice
Alexandra Sbaraini, Stacy M Carter, Robin Wendell Evans, Anthony Blinkhorn

Feminist Research

Towards a feminist methodology of listening PDF
Frances Shaw

On Line Research

Comparing the quality of data from postal and online questionnaires
Allan Benaud Smith, Madeleine King, Phyllis Butow, Ian Olver
Observing the joint dynamics of different event streams in social media environments
Christoph Stadtfeld

PhD 2

Research Design in Upper Echelons Theory: A Philosophical Analysis
Zahra Sadeghinejad, Arash Najmaei

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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