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Growing Up in Australia, the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)

Patterns and correlates of unit non-response for Waves 2 and 3 of Growing up in Australia: the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)
Gamini Wijesekere

Data Archiving and Research Infrastructure

Grid computing for social science researchers: Where are we and where can we go?
Lyndon Walker

Interviewing Individuals and Groups

Research insights about the use of observation as a method for investigating skilled-migrants to Australia with their friends
Harriet Westcott

Pragmatism in Qualitative Research

Using hermeneutic phenomenology to explore nurses' experience of nursing for the outlier patients in acute care hospitals
Jasmine Cheung, Maureen Boughton, Sandra West

Measurement and instrument development

The use of Life Event Calendar methodology in intimate partner homicide research
Li Eriksson, Paul Mazerolle, Richard Wortley, Holly Johnson
Loose Poles: Evidence on the Importance of Specific Labels on Response Scales
Paula Wright

Data Analysis - methods

Getting a Job in Australia: Evidence from AuSSA2007 and Methodological Reflections
Xianbi Huang, Mark Western

Policy Research

A Modelling Tool to Improve the Policy Response on Issues Concerning Children and Young People
Roy Lay-Yee, Janet Pearson, Oliver Mannion, Wendy Wrapson

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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