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Stories from LSAC - The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Growing up in a longitudinal study – Engaging young people as they become adults.
Jodie Taylor, Lorraine Attard
Refusal follow up in Wave 7 of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.
Michael Rodriguez, Lorraine Attard

Medical statistics and analysis techniques

Under-five mortality and the continuum of care for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: A Machine Learning analysis.
Adeyinka Emmanuel Adegbosin, Jing Sun

Questionnaire and item reliability, validity and ordering

Explaining Differential Item Functioning focusing on the crucial role of external information – an example from the measurement of adolescent mental health
Curt Hagquist, David Andrich
Impacts on fit and reliability of the ordering of response categories in polytomous items
Curt Hagquist, David Andrich

Methods for policy and planning

Impact of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) on International Postgraduate Students of the University of Newcastle Full Paper - DOCX
Md Adnan Al Moshi, Lena Rodriguez

Research Methodology in Sociology of Health and Medicine

How Universal are Universal Pre-School Health Checks? Evidence from New Zealand’s B4 School Check
Nichola Louise Shackleton, Sheree Gibb, Barry Milne, Rick Audas

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

A family-video to die for: Bringing the family back to family-centred palliative care with VRE Full Paper - DOCX
Kathrine Hammill, Ann Dadich, Rajesh Aggarwal, Jodie Peronchik, Daniela Vasquez, Charbel Bejjani

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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