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Stories from LSAC - The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Growing up in a longitudinal study – Engaging young people as they become adults.
Jodie Taylor, Lorraine Attard
LSAC goes online – Asking young people to complete an online survey prior to the home visit.
Michael Bassett, Maureen Canning, Jennifer Renda, Bernadette Kok, Elsie Foeken
Data linkage in LSAC – Great benefits but also some challenging issues.
Tenniel Guiver, Dinusha Bandara
Refusal follow up in Wave 7 of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.
Michael Rodriguez, Lorraine Attard
Events History Calendars: Benefits and Challenges
Elsie Foeken, Jennifer Renda, Karena Jessup, Bernadette Kok, Michael Bassett, Maureen Canning

Trends in Australian Social Attitudes

The politics of attitudes to immigration and refugees: a new look at recent trends in Australian public opinion data
Shaun Wilson
Climate scepticism in Australia
Bruce Tranter
Marriage and Happiness: changing Australian attitudes to marriage
Ann Evans, Edith Gray

2018 World Values Survey: methods and results

Experiments in the World Values Survey
Benjamin Phillips
World Values Survey 2018: findings from Australia
Toni Makkai, Jill Sheppard
Australian Values Study Methodology
Anna Lethborg

Medical statistics and analysis techniques

A Shiny new app for policy: Using simulation to test which factors most improve child wellbeing
Barry Milne
Association between socioeconomic and geographical factors in severely injured trauma patients using trauma registry data. Full Paper - DOCX
Katharine Elizabeth Heathcote, Ben Gardiner, Holly Barbagallo, Jing Sun, Martin Wullschleger
Under-five mortality and the continuum of care for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health: A Machine Learning analysis.
Adeyinka Emmanuel Adegbosin, Jing Sun

Questionnaire and item reliability, validity and ordering

Is the SDQ a reliable and valid measure of behavioural difficulties in 2 year olds?
Stephanie D'Souza
Explaining Differential Item Functioning focusing on the crucial role of external information – an example from the measurement of adolescent mental health
Curt Hagquist, David Andrich
Item Positions Effects on Item Difficulty and Item Discrimination: A Case Study with Parallel Test Forms
Xiaoxun Sun
Impacts on fit and reliability of the ordering of response categories in polytomous items
Curt Hagquist, David Andrich

Methods for policy and planning

Measuring the Relationship of Public Opinion to Mass Media and Policy Agendas for Major Public Issues and Events Full Paper - DOCX
Thomas B Christie
Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz Hotel: what does court data tell us about the parties to civil cases?
Catriona Mirrlees-Black
Impact of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) on International Postgraduate Students of the University of Newcastle Full Paper - DOCX
Md Adnan Al Moshi, Lena Rodriguez
Emerged discourses on the articulation of the relationship between education and development in global policies
Asma Jahan Mukta, Tom Griffiths, Heather Sharp

Innovations in Data Analysis

School-to-work transitions of youth in Australia: a sequence analysis approach using the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)
Rasika Ranasinghe
A General Meta-Analytic Model for Independent and Dependent Effect Sizes
Mike W.-L. Cheung
The implications of ethnicity outputting methods for understanding outcomes and developing policy in New Zealand
Nichola Louise Shackleton, Natalia Boven, Daniel Exeter

Data visualisation and simulation

Microsimulation: An evolution at COMPASS Research Centre
Martin von Randow
Using data to map catchments and identify gaps
Sarah Randell

Big Data: Analyses, approaches, and​ ethics

Big Data, Transparency, and Explainability
Tim Dare
Decomposing ethnic differences in body mass index and obesity rates among New Zealand pre-schoolers
Nichola Louise Shackleton
Creating a longitudinal child cohort to assess the impact of income poverty on child health.
Nichola Louise Shackleton
Adventures in data linkage and the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)
Ronnie Semo
Using big data to investigate public service use inequality in the New Zealand population
Stephanie D'Souza

Research Methodology in Sociology of Health and Medicine

How Universal are Universal Pre-School Health Checks? Evidence from New Zealand’s B4 School Check
Nichola Louise Shackleton, Sheree Gibb, Barry Milne, Rick Audas
Healthy eating education for midwives to investigate and explore their knowledge and confidence to support pregnant women to eat healthily: A mixed methods study
Shwikar Mahmoud Etman Othman, Mary Steen, Julie Fleet, Rasika Jayasekara
Blending individual and social emotions via analytical plurality Full Paper - DOCX
Michael Hodgins, Ann Dadich, Jayne Bye

The state of play in online research in Australia. Problems, pitfalls and opportunities

The new phenomena of diminishing survey response: So, is the latest Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) cohort representative of today’s young people?
Somayeh Parvazian
Do blended sampling designs provide robust estimates: where is the evidence
Margo L Barr, David Steel
The Effects of Mode and Sampling Design on Answers in Mixed-Mode Online Panel Research
Sebastian Kocar
Using Probability Surveys to Improve Inferences from Nonprobability Panels: How to get the best from both worlds?
Darren Pennay, Dina Neiger, Stephen Prendergast
Bias Reduction for an Online Tracking Survey
Dina Neiger, Andrew C Ward, Tina Petroulias

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

Video reflexive ethnography in hospital with people with dementia and delirium – Can it be done? Full Paper - DOCX
Tamsin Symonds, Ann Dadich, Aileen Collier, Annmarie Hosie, Anita De Bellis, Alan Bevan, Justin Prendergast, Elly Morgan
How to reveal and encourage brilliant feeding care Full Paper - DOCX
Khadeejah Elizabeth Moraby, Ann Dadich, Christopher Elliot, Marika Diamantes, Kate Hodge
A family-video to die for: Bringing the family back to family-centred palliative care with VRE Full Paper - DOCX
Kathrine Hammill, Ann Dadich, Rajesh Aggarwal, Jodie Peronchik, Daniela Vasquez, Charbel Bejjani

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 2

Exploring patients' experiences of being involved in video-reflexive ethnographic research
Mary Wyer
Translating video-reflexive research methods into practitioner-led projects: challenges and opportunities.
Suyin Hor, Mary Wyer, Lyn Gilbert
A mixed methods study of the risk-taking behaviour of clinical staff towards routine use of protective masks for infectious diseases
Ruth Barratt, Lyn Gilbert, Ramon Z Shaban

Online panel development and retention

Experimentation in voter behaviour research methodology
Raphaella Kathryn Crosby
A Probabilistic Online Panel for New Zealand
Lara Greaves
Transitioning from CATI to Online
Benjamin Phillips, Andrew C Ward

Social theoretical frameworks

Critical realism and social systems theory for case study research Full Paper - DOCX
Josh Hallwright
Revealing Hidden Contradictions in Women Entrepreneurship Through the Application of Multiple Theoretical Frameworks
James Stephen Purkis, Mosfeka Jomaraty
Researching children’s outdoor play in post human times: Interrogating methodology and methods as a project emerges
Barbara Anne Chancellor
Potential use of Delphi to conduct mixed-methods research: A study of a research project on leadership. Full Paper - DOCX
Shankar Sankaran, Barb Vindin Illingworth, Bob Dick, Kelly Shaw

Innovative qualitative and mixed method approaches

Factors that contribute to transitional experiences of internationally qualified midwives into the Australian midwifery system: A mixed method study
Mitra Javanmard
Understanding Student Aggression and Victimization in the Filipino Context using Mixed Method Research
January Merilles Dechavez
Using Cross-Case Analysis and Activity Theory to Investigate the Home-School Technology Debate in a Rural Australian Setting
James Stephen Purkis
A Multi-Level Activity Theory Approach to the Implementation of BYOD in a Rural Secondary School
James Stephen Purkis

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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