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Stories from LSAC - The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

LSAC goes online – Asking young people to complete an online survey prior to the home visit.
Michael Bassett, Maureen Canning, Jennifer Renda, Bernadette Kok, Elsie Foeken
Events History Calendars: Benefits and Challenges
Elsie Foeken, Jennifer Renda, Karena Jessup, Bernadette Kok, Michael Bassett, Maureen Canning

Methods for policy and planning

Measuring the Relationship of Public Opinion to Mass Media and Policy Agendas for Major Public Issues and Events Full Paper - DOCX
Thomas B Christie

Innovations in Data Analysis

A General Meta-Analytic Model for Independent and Dependent Effect Sizes
Mike W.-L. Cheung

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

Video reflexive ethnography in hospital with people with dementia and delirium – Can it be done? Full Paper - DOCX
Tamsin Symonds, Ann Dadich, Aileen Collier, Annmarie Hosie, Anita De Bellis, Alan Bevan, Justin Prendergast, Elly Morgan

Online panel development and retention

Experimentation in voter behaviour research methodology
Raphaella Kathryn Crosby

Social theoretical frameworks

Researching children’s outdoor play in post human times: Interrogating methodology and methods as a project emerges
Barbara Anne Chancellor

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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