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Questionnaire and item reliability, validity and ordering

Is the SDQ a reliable and valid measure of behavioural difficulties in 2 year olds?
Stephanie D'Souza

Big Data: Analyses, approaches, and​ ethics

Big Data, Transparency, and Explainability
Tim Dare
Using big data to investigate public service use inequality in the New Zealand population
Stephanie D'Souza

Research Methodology in Sociology of Health and Medicine

Blending individual and social emotions via analytical plurality Full Paper - DOCX
Michael Hodgins, Ann Dadich, Jayne Bye

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

Video reflexive ethnography in hospital with people with dementia and delirium – Can it be done? Full Paper - DOCX
Tamsin Symonds, Ann Dadich, Aileen Collier, Annmarie Hosie, Anita De Bellis, Alan Bevan, Justin Prendergast, Elly Morgan
How to reveal and encourage brilliant feeding care Full Paper - DOCX
Khadeejah Elizabeth Moraby, Ann Dadich, Christopher Elliot, Marika Diamantes, Kate Hodge
A family-video to die for: Bringing the family back to family-centred palliative care with VRE Full Paper - DOCX
Kathrine Hammill, Ann Dadich, Rajesh Aggarwal, Jodie Peronchik, Daniela Vasquez, Charbel Bejjani

Social theoretical frameworks

Potential use of Delphi to conduct mixed-methods research: A study of a research project on leadership. Full Paper - DOCX
Shankar Sankaran, Barb Vindin Illingworth, Bob Dick, Kelly Shaw

Innovative qualitative and mixed method approaches

Understanding Student Aggression and Victimization in the Filipino Context using Mixed Method Research
January Merilles Dechavez

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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