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Stories from LSAC - The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children

Data linkage in LSAC – Great benefits but also some challenging issues.
Tenniel Guiver, Dinusha Bandara

Trends in Australian Social Attitudes

Marriage and Happiness: changing Australian attitudes to marriage
Ann Evans, Edith Gray

Medical statistics and analysis techniques

Association between socioeconomic and geographical factors in severely injured trauma patients using trauma registry data. Full Paper - DOCX
Katharine Elizabeth Heathcote, Ben Gardiner, Holly Barbagallo, Jing Sun, Martin Wullschleger

Methods for policy and planning

Emerged discourses on the articulation of the relationship between education and development in global policies
Asma Jahan Mukta, Tom Griffiths, Heather Sharp

Research Methodology in Sociology of Health and Medicine

How Universal are Universal Pre-School Health Checks? Evidence from New Zealand’s B4 School Check
Nichola Louise Shackleton, Sheree Gibb, Barry Milne, Rick Audas

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 2

Translating video-reflexive research methods into practitioner-led projects: challenges and opportunities.
Suyin Hor, Mary Wyer, Lyn Gilbert
A mixed methods study of the risk-taking behaviour of clinical staff towards routine use of protective masks for infectious diseases
Ruth Barratt, Lyn Gilbert, Ramon Z Shaban

Online panel development and retention

A Probabilistic Online Panel for New Zealand
Lara Greaves

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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