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2018 World Values Survey: methods and results

World Values Survey 2018: findings from Australia
Toni Makkai, Jill Sheppard

Medical statistics and analysis techniques

A Shiny new app for policy: Using simulation to test which factors most improve child wellbeing
Barry Milne

Methods for policy and planning

Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz Hotel: what does court data tell us about the parties to civil cases?
Catriona Mirrlees-Black
Emerged discourses on the articulation of the relationship between education and development in global policies
Asma Jahan Mukta, Tom Griffiths, Heather Sharp

Research Methodology in Sociology of Health and Medicine

How Universal are Universal Pre-School Health Checks? Evidence from New Zealand’s B4 School Check
Nichola Louise Shackleton, Sheree Gibb, Barry Milne, Rick Audas

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

Video reflexive ethnography in hospital with people with dementia and delirium – Can it be done? Full Paper - DOCX
Tamsin Symonds, Ann Dadich, Aileen Collier, Annmarie Hosie, Anita De Bellis, Alan Bevan, Justin Prendergast, Elly Morgan
How to reveal and encourage brilliant feeding care Full Paper - DOCX
Khadeejah Elizabeth Moraby, Ann Dadich, Christopher Elliot, Marika Diamantes, Kate Hodge

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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