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2018 World Values Survey: methods and results

Experiments in the World Values Survey
Benjamin Phillips

The state of play in online research in Australia. Problems, pitfalls and opportunities

The new phenomena of diminishing survey response: So, is the latest Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) cohort representative of today’s young people?
Somayeh Parvazian
Using Probability Surveys to Improve Inferences from Nonprobability Panels: How to get the best from both worlds?
Darren Pennay, Dina Neiger, Stephen Prendergast
Bias Reduction for an Online Tracking Survey
Dina Neiger, Andrew C Ward, Tina Petroulias

Video reflexive ethnography: Creative scholarship for impact - Part 1

Video reflexive ethnography in hospital with people with dementia and delirium – Can it be done? Full Paper - DOCX
Tamsin Symonds, Ann Dadich, Aileen Collier, Annmarie Hosie, Anita De Bellis, Alan Bevan, Justin Prendergast, Elly Morgan
A family-video to die for: Bringing the family back to family-centred palliative care with VRE Full Paper - DOCX
Kathrine Hammill, Ann Dadich, Rajesh Aggarwal, Jodie Peronchik, Daniela Vasquez, Charbel Bejjani

Online panel development and retention

Transitioning from CATI to Online
Benjamin Phillips, Andrew C Ward

Social theoretical frameworks

Revealing Hidden Contradictions in Women Entrepreneurship Through the Application of Multiple Theoretical Frameworks
James Stephen Purkis, Mosfeka Jomaraty

Innovative qualitative and mixed method approaches

Using Cross-Case Analysis and Activity Theory to Investigate the Home-School Technology Debate in a Rural Australian Setting
James Stephen Purkis
A Multi-Level Activity Theory Approach to the Implementation of BYOD in a Rural Secondary School
James Stephen Purkis

ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference

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